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   Sammy's Clam, A Cape Cod Story

Ike, The Ice Cream Man on a Trike

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  Written by Linda Conti

Illustrated by Ted McClenahan

Both books feature word glossaries at the end.

Ask for them at your local bookstore. 

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For children ages 4-8

In Sammy’s Clam, young Sammy accompanies his mother for the first time to dig clams at the beach. What he discovers along the way is that bringing home his “catch” is not such a simple decision. Enjoy a day at the seashore with Sammy as he encounters seagulls, minnows, hermit crabs – and of course, clams!

Share his experience as this thoughtful young boy learns about respecting and taking care of sea creatures in their natural habitat. Sammy’s Clam finishes with a surprise twist that is sure to bring a smile to children and adults alike. A portion of the proceeds from this book will be donated to the Friends of the Cape Cod National Seashore.

For children ages 6-10 - and yet,
I know of at least one 3 year old who wants to read it every night!


Ike pedals to the beach each day and serves up perfect ice cream cones from his simple leather bag. It must be magic! 

However, when trouble begins and Ike struggles in the hot sun, he realizes that even his magic has limits, and he begins to melt! See how the children devise a clever solution to save him. 

In Ike, the Ice Cream Man on a Trike, the children learn to have compassion and work creatively as a team to solve a problem – all while enjoying their delicious ice cream!

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